We know there's lots of great Quaker writing that doesn't fit any of the topics in our upcoming issues list. We leave a few issues a year "open" to general interest articles that come in. 
Ends on January 15, 2018
Quakers are healers. From George Fox’s miracles to alternative health to wartime relief and the preponderance of nurses, doctors, and therapists in our meetinghouses, care and healing is a central manifestation of our faith. How do you understand healing? Due January 8, 2018.
So how many Quakers does it take to screw in a lightbulb? Share your corniest Quaker jokes but also tell us stories of humor overcoming differences and building bridges. Due January 7, 2019.
What’s the Quaker message for today? How to we communicate it and how do we share it. What are some of the overlooked low-tech methods of inviting people into our Quaker communities? Due May 7, 2018.
Ends on September 11, 2017
How do Quakers discuss internal controversy without polarization? How do we speak truth to ourselves and who even decides what truth is? What happens when a Quaker group is profiled in the news for a position that is not universally shared among Friends? Due September 4, 2017.
It’s a question that has dogged Friends since we did away with clergy and started calling baptism a “sprinkling,” and it has been an issue of contention in every Quaker schism: Are we Christian? Are we really Christian? Does it matter if we’re Christian? What does it even mean to be Christian in the world? Due September 10, 2018.
Ends on October 9, 2017
Let’s talk about living arrangements, family structures, intentional communities and more. How do Friends promote love, health, and justice in the ways we consciously live together? Due October 2, 2017.
We talk and talk about race in our own spiritual society. We name committees, hold audits, host conferences and yet... change is achingly slow. How do we build out the beloved community in our spiritual home. What are Friends doing to bring diversities into our meetinghouses? Due October 1, 2018.
Ends on March 12, 2018
Show us your art! Is there a kind of Quaker visual or musical aesthetic? How do we relate to early Quaker’s love/hate relationship to the arts? Due March 5, 2018.
Ends on December 11, 2017
Israel, Palestine, Ramallah, Gaza, Jerusalem. Even today Quaker controversies center on our relationships in the region the world calls the Holy Land. What is our presence there and what is our witness to the struggles of its peoples? Due December 4, 2017.

It can be comforting to talk amongst ourselves and debate nuances of Quaker lingo in Quaker conferences, but what happens when we move outside our meetinghouse walls? How do our values follow us into the world? Due December 3, 2018.

Ends on February 12, 2018
If there’s a Quaker brand, then “Quaker values” is its most common pitch. What do we mean when we use the term for Quaker institutions and the the ministries of our meetinghouses and churches? Is it anything deeper than the “SPICES” testimonies? Due February 5, 2018.
Ends on August 14, 2017
From the dusty meetinghouse bookcase to the basement of your favorite Quaker college archive, let’s peel back the layers and celebrate Quaker libraries. What can they teach us about our past and our present? Due August 7, 2017.
Have you ever found a worn, foxed book in a dusty meetinghouse shelf or been told of an obscure book that changed your life? Tell us about the books that have changed how you look at the world. Due August 6, 2018.
Ends on July 10, 2017
The concept of conscience can be tricky one for Friends. How do we decide when an internal prompt has led us to counter the authoritative wisdom of our faith community or nation? Friends have left our religious society on behalf of unpopular principles which we later came to embrace. And we have led much of the development of a human right to conscientious objection. How do we handle conscience and how do we support or distance ourselves from those Friends standing up for unpopular causes? Due July 3, 2017.
How do we spend money on ourselves? What is the role of money in our meetings? How do we decide whether to invest, provide services, or renovate? Due July 9, 2018.