Ends on December 12, 2016
How can we challenge racism in the world and in our communities? How can we address our own diversity issues and be more welcoming? What have been steps in the right direction for the Religious Society of Friends? How are we addressing vast injustices like mass incarceration? Submissions due 12/12/2016.
Ends on January 9, 2017
A hundred years ago American Friends set aside internal differences to come together to organize against a war. We look back at a century of changing Quaker activism from the American Friends Service Committee, and look forward to its place in the continued evolution of Quaker witness. Submissions due 1/9/2017.
Ends on February 13, 2017
A look at Quaker summer camps and all of the other rituals of Quaker summertimes like the FGC gathering and yearly meeting sessions. Submissions due 2/6/2017.
Many of our traditional decision-making structures are under tremendous stress these days. There are few nominating committees that don’t bemoan the difficulties finding volunteer leadership. In the face of this, a wave of questioning and creativity is emerging as Friends reinvent and regenerate Quaker structures. Previously unasked questions about power and decision-making models are on the agenda again. Submissions due 3/6/2017.
How do Friends approach the end of life? We’re living longer and dying longer. How do we make decisions on end-of-life care for ourselves and our loved ones? Do Quakers have insight into what happens after we die? Submissions due 5/8/2017.
We know there's lots of great Quaker writing that doesn't fit any of the topics in our upcoming issues list. We leave a few issues a year "open" to general interest articles that come in.