Friends Journal welcomes articles, poetry, art, photographs, and letters from our readers. We are also helped by your comments and questions. We are an independent magazine serving the entire Religious Society of Friends. Our mission is “to communicate Quaker experience in order to connect and deepen spiritual lives,” which allows for a variety of viewpoints and subject matter. We welcome submissions from Friends and non-Friends alike.

We prefer articles written in a fresh, non-academic style. Friends value an experiential approach to life and religious thought. Our readers particularly value articles on: exploring Friends’ testimonies and beliefs; integrating faith, work and home lives; historical and contemporary Friends; social concerns and actions; and the variety of beliefs across the branches of Friends.

Friends Journal prefers articles with a constructive approach to spiritual seeking. We seek an open, curious and respectful tone even when discussing controversial subjects. We prefer articles rooted in the author’s own experiences of the divine. Submissions should show an awareness of Friends’ ways and concerns, as well as sensitivity to them.

The magazine is published monthly (with a combined June/July issue) in print and PDF editions. We have an active and growing website with special web-only features focusing on timely topics, as well as special selections from the Friends Journal archives. We are seeking to publish more themed issues and to encourage and cultivate new writers and fresh topics.

We are generally not able to pay for writing. Authors of feature-length articles receive four free copies of the issue in which the article appears, while poets receive two copies. Authors of shorter material appearing in the departments will receive two free copies upon request. We welcome inquiries about potential articles and invite you to contact senior editor Martin Kelley at

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  • ForumReader responses, limited to 300 words.
  • Viewpoints: short general reflections of 600-800 words.
  • PoetryWe generally publish 2-3 poems in each issue. Please use this form for all poetry, even poems that might be intended for specific issues.
  • Art and Photographs (Flickr): If you wish to send us graphic material that's not attached to any article, please feel free to join our Flickr group.

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  • Departments: Shorter articles (about 1,000 words or less) found toward the back of each issue that focus on one of our current Department categories, including Earthcare, Friends in Business, History, Reflection, Faith and Practice, and Witness. Click through to see the full list.
  • News Items: News, press releases, and reports from events.
  • Book Reviews: We do not accept unsolicited book reviews. Review copies of books by Quaker authors or of interest to Friends Journal readers may be mailed to our address, "Attn: Book Review Editor." If you would like to become a reviewer, please contact us.
  • MilestonesBirths, adoptions, marriages/unions, and deaths.
  • Quaker Works: semiannual feature dedicated to connecting Friends Journal readers to the good works of Quaker organizations; the column is published in the April and October issues each year. Organizations must meet certain criteria in order to be included; click through for details.

Feature submissions and upcoming topics:

Feature articles generally run from 1,200 to 2,500 words. Most of our issues are now themed, though we keep two issues a year un-themed in order to highlight extraordinary articles. If your article does not fit one of our upcoming issues, you can submit it as a "General Feature Submission." Check out our past themes or suggest future ones.
Ends on February 17, 2017
Our fourth annual Student Voices Project calls all middle school (grades 6–8) and high school (grades 9–12) students to add their voices to the Friends Journal community of readers. This year's theme is Dear President, asking students to write a letter to the next president of the United States (more details on our Student Voices Project page). Deadline 02/13/2017.
Ends on December 12, 2016
How can we challenge racism in the world and in our communities? How can we address our own diversity issues and be more welcoming? What have been steps in the right direction for the Religious Society of Friends? How are we addressing vast injustices like mass incarceration? Submissions due 12/5/2016.
Ends on January 9, 2017
A hundred years ago American Friends set aside internal differences to come together to organize against a war. We look back at a century of changing Quaker activism from the American Friends Service Committee, and look forward to its place in the continued evolution of Quaker witness. Submissions due 1/2/2017.
Ends on February 13, 2017
A look at Quaker summer camps and all of the other rituals of Quaker summertimes like the FGC gathering and yearly meeting sessions. Submissions due 2/6/2017.
Many of our traditional decision-making structures are under tremendous stress these days. There are few nominating committees that don’t bemoan the difficulties finding volunteer leadership. In the face of this, a wave of questioning and creativity is emerging as Friends reinvent and regenerate Quaker structures. Previously unasked questions about power and decision-making models are on the agenda again. Submissions due 3/6/2017.
How do Friends approach the end of life? We’re living longer and dying longer. How do we make decisions on end-of-life care for ourselves and our loved ones? Do Quakers have insight into what happens after we die? Submissions due 5/8/2017.
We know there's lots of great Quaker writing that doesn't fit any of the topics in our upcoming issues list. We leave two issues a year "open" to general interest articles that come in. The next of these comes up in September 2016 (deadline has passed), then in February 2017. Submissions due 11/7/2016.