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Due February 22, 2021.

The May 2021 issue will look at “Generations.” This is a chance to talk about the needs and issues of different ages of Friends—children, young adult Friends, middle-aged Friends, elderly Friends—or the relationship between generations.

Some ideas:

  • Accommodating our facilities for different ages.
  • Addressing power issues between generations, either at individual meetings, or in Quaker organizations or institutions such as schools.
  • Charting the promise of younger Friends or looking at the legacy of Friends who have recently retired or passed away.
  • Examining issues that affect different generations differently, like how climate change’s progression 50 years from now will only be affecting today’s younger people.
  • Observing how these age-related dynamics play out within a Quaker family, from conflict resolution to nurturing growth together.

We’re not necessarily looking for articles that indulge in overly broad cliches about generations. We’d be just as happy with an issue that doesn’t include “Okay boomer” memes or lectures about avocado toast. But legit, first-hand observations about how different styles or languages or experiences are affecting our ability to be an inclusive beloved community could be fascinating. And as always, we’re interested in how our theme topics play out with Friends coming from less-represented or marginalized demographics (LGBTQ+ Friends, Friends of Color, disabled Friends, etc.).

Link to share: Writing Opp: Generations

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