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We’d like to open up the issue to the spirituality of food: how do we produce it, how do we consume it? Food is also the heart of communal human behavior: how do we share it in our Quaker and outward communities? Friends have long been involved in farming: how is that occupation faring? And how should we be involved in the sourcing of food? 

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Some ideas for articles:

  • How have Quaker farms adapted to changing food production? Are there any new or experimental models emerging within Quaker farming? We’re not just looking at plant agriculture but also cattle raising, cheese-making, and other food products that Friends produce. How are farmers adjusting to climate change?
  • Food security and community initiatives in urban areas and towns. This could include work with local food banks, community-owned food coops, and community fridges.
  • Educational centers and Quaker schools that grow their own food. Also: individuals who garden and grow their own food.
  • How do our meeting potlucks and food festivals create community, both within our Friends meeting and with neighbors?
  • How do we ensure our food choices reflect our testimonies? Do we or should we prioritize locally grown food or food which takes up a smaller carbon footprint?
  • As humans with bodies, what is our relation to food? How do body image concerns and eating disorders affect our lives?
  • More metaphorically, an article could look at food for the spirit: how do we nourish ourselves with arts, poetry, reading, etc
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